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Hello again sumeetgrover,

Fellow Monk roboticus answered your question, but just to add something minor that maybe you find it useful. I used to work with SOAP/REST requests to my DB (MySQL) and for testing purposes I always had a webserver running for multiple reasons. For me handling the DB through the GUI (phpMyAdmin) made my life much easier for testing and DB modifications. Secondary reason was to test SOAP/REST and to be honest usually I was combining it with GUI again for the same reasons.

The tool that I found really easy to install and configure to include all these together was LAMP (LinuxOS) and WAMP (WindowsOS).

Hope this helps you with your task as it did for me. :)

P.S.: (Please excuse my ignorance.) You are just starting with this area, never stop asking questions! You will never know the answer to a question until you will understand it and experiment (hands on) information. Do not worry about the questions keep shooting and simultaneously start coding/experimenting. Soon you will be up and running. :)

BR / Thanos

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