vote on I am most likely to install a new module from CPAN if:

It has a recent release
[bar] 12/8%
The newest release passes all its tests
[bar] 5/3%
Its tests have good coverage
[bar] 0/0%
It is of high kwalitee
[bar] 1/1%
It has many MetaCPAN ++s
[bar] 7/5%
There are no long-standing open bugs
[bar] 6/4%
It is pure perl (ie. no XS)
[bar] 9/6%
It has no/few non-core dependencies
[bar] 9/6%
Many other modules use it
[bar] 8/6%
The author is prolific
[bar] 7/5%
It is as generic as possible
[bar] 3/2%
The licence is acceptable (Artistic/GPL/BSD - delete as appropriate)
[bar] 5/3%
It has good reviews*
[bar] 4/3%
It has extensive and clear documentation
[bar] 33/23%
It is recommended by a Monk
[bar] 35/24%
144 total votes

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