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Re: I am most likely to install a new module from CPAN if:

by Tux (Abbot)
on Apr 02, 2019 at 14:00 UTC ( #1232012=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to I am most likely to install a new module from CPAN if:

First of all: does it give me a/the solution to the problem I have.

  • It has a recent release
    Depends on the reason. A proven well-behaving module might not need a regular release.
    Way more important is a good ChangeLog with the release.
  • The newest release passes all its tests
    Depends on the coverage (sorry BrowserUK, this *does* matter). It is easy to make a module to pass all tests if there is only one test that tests nothing: ok (1, "Make it PASS!"); is a legal but useless test
    I certainly prefer the release to pass all tests, but if the only FAIL'ing test is an ill-written test that depends on floating points being rounded to 12 digits instead of 32 on a system with long long long doubles, I do not really care. Likewise fir 1 nanosecond differences in speedtests.
  • Its tests have good coverage
    Yes, but with well-defined tests. It is not hard to write a test suite that covers all of the code, without testing its functionality.
  • It is of high kwalitee
    Prefered, as that shows that the author is aware of possible issues, but in the end it doesn't say a thing about the functionality, the usability or the correctness of the code.
  • It has many MetaCPAN ++s
    Depends if the ++'s are recent. ++'s on version 0.12 from 2001 are not useful at all if the current version is 2.34 from 2019.
    And ++'s do not have to be for the part of the code I am interested in.
  • There are no long-standing open bugs
    Depends. If I am working on Linux and the open bugs only affect Windows or vice-versa, I do not care at all.
  • It is pure perl (ie. no XS)
    Preferably the other way around :) Most XS modules are way faster than the PP counterparts.
  • It has no/few non-core dependencies
    CORE deps are fine: they will be there. Period.
    Non-core deps depend. There is no use in writing a DBD module without using DBI.
    I *hate* authors depending on useless non-core modules (however useful for them) like Modern::Perl, sanity, and common::sense. Depending on those are a red flag to me.
  • Many other modules use it
    I agree here with BrowserUK: a useless metric if all those are from the same author. That would be an indication of reinventing a wheel.
  • The author is prolific
    That is a void option. Way more important is if the author is responsible and acts/reacts in a mannered way to bug reports and/or questions. Check (recent) issues and tickets for questions and answers to see if the level of support is meeting your needs.
  • It is as generic as possible
    Non-issue. Why would this be a reason to use/reject a module?
  • The licence is acceptable (Artistic/GPL/BSD - delete as appropriate)
    *I* don't care, as long as I am licensed top use it for free.
  • It has good reviews*
    Where? By whom? Do the reviews talk about the functionality I want to use or just about how well the GUI looks that I do not plan to use?
  • It has extensive and clear documentation
    Very important. It must be up-to-date, complete and easy to read (not full of typos or words that only someone with a native tongue will recognize).
  • It is recommended by a Monk
    That might help, though it of course depends on how well I trust that monk (agreeing with BrowserUK again).

And additionally

  • A well defined minimum version of perl (with a reason)
  • A complete META file
  • A location for tickets (RT/GitHub)
  • A location for help (IRC/MailingList/GitHub)
  • An examples section in the docs or an examples folder in the dist with easy to understand code chunks
  • Consistent code style. At least in the documentation
  • A README and/or INSTALL doc if make install is not enough
  • Conforms to standards (when applicable)

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn

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Re^2: I am most likely to install a new module from CPAN if:
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Apr 02, 2019 at 15:22 UTC

    Only one bone of contention here:

    Depends on the coverage (sorry BrowserUK, this *does* matter). It is easy to make a module to pass all tests if there is only one test that tests nothing: ok (1, "Make it PASS!"); is a legal but useless test

    Coverage tools have there place; and that place is for authors, not users!

    An automated coverage tool can act as a sanity check; as a guide for the author to decide if s/he has written all the test s/he believes are necessary.

    But the moment the numerical summation produced by a dumb code evaluator becomes a tool for users to judge the quality of an author's work and decisions, software development goes to hell in a hand basket.

    Until code coverage tools get smart enough to actually write the tests for all the places they suggest need one; they should serve only as suggestions to the human being charged with writing them. And any user who believes that 100% coverage tells them anything about the quality of the testing is in for a very rude awakening.

    In the end, always run my own sanity check of the functionality I import from 3rd party modules, and if it appears to produce the correct results for my usage, all the gibberish numbers (supposedly good or bad) produced by the automated test/coverage/kwality/et al tools and processes are entirely meaningless.

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