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Is it possible to use a `named constant’ in a regex’s quantifiers?

I want to restrict the value of `word length’ to being stored in just the one place and so, using (as described in Perl Debugged by Peter Scott and Ed Wright) I’ve come up with the following

#!/usr/local/perl/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use constant WORD_LENGTH => 9; # define constant value in one plac +e my $Word_Length = WORD_LENGTH; # mmm, is this the best I can do? my $target_letters = 'x'; while ( $target_letters !~ /^[a-z]{$Word_Length}$/i ) { print "Enter the " . WORD_LENGTH . " letters for today\n"; $target_letters = <STDIN>; print "$target_letters\n"; } …

… which works fine, but requires the extra $Word_Length variable that, something tells me, a good Perlophone would eschew 8-)

I'm aware (Perl Debugged again) that the `name constant' is constructed as a subroutine when it's defined, and returns its value when it's called. So I've tried  ...{WORD_LENGTH()} based on `if it looks like a function, it is a function'. I also tried ...{&WORD_LENGTH} both with and without `()'s.

Monks advice keenly sought… /hagen