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Try deselecting the CPAN and Everything nodelets if you have them selected as suggested by ybiC. It seems to have worked for me -- I'm no longer getting slow page loads like I was.

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Re(2): Site too slow
by dmmiller2k (Chaplain) on Jan 04, 2002 at 22:21 UTC

    I, too have recently been experiencing slowdowns. In my case, I though it might have something to do with the firewall/proxy-server(s) have here at work, but it seems to happen on my own office machine as well. For the record I only have the following nodelets running:

    • Chatterbox
    • personal nodelet
    • Other Users
    • leftovers
    • approval nodelet

    I don't use either the CPAN or Everything nodelets... it's still slow for me.

    BTW, can anyone explain to me the difference between the frontpage nodelets and Non-Frontpage nodelets (I haven't really been able to determine when I ought to be seeing my Non-Frontpage nodelets.


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