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Re: Mega XSLT Batch job - best approach?

by Matts (Deacon)
on Jan 22, 2002 at 21:29 UTC ( [id://140690]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Mega XSLT Batch job - best approach?

Well, I hope I'm qualified to answer ;-)

1600 XSLT calls in one process is nothing. I know people using XML::LibXSLT in AxKit with MaxRequestsPerChild much higher than that, and no leaks. And it should take absolutely no time at all. Assuming your XML files are no larger than about 4KB, I would guess about 0.2 seconds per file to run (assuming you cache stylesheets), thus taking you in total about 5 minutes for the whole lot. I'm really not sure what you're concerned about.

Though maybe I've got your XSLT complexity way out of whack. I've seen some XSLT transforms take over a second once or twice (though it's rare). So you may be looking at about 25 minutes.

The key though for speed is to cache stylesheets.

One alternative, which I'm hoping Barrie Slaymaker will come on here and describe, is to use a SAX ByRecord machine to process the XML files directly using SAX, no 3 step approach like you've described - just a single simple one-liner.


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