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Re: Namespace after forking()+eval()ing providing unexpected results

by chipmunk (Parson)
on Jan 23, 2002 at 10:13 UTC ( #140843=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Namespace after forking()+eval()ing providing unexpected results

It's hard to say without seeing some more of the code, but I note that eval executes the string within the current package. Thus, I suspect your problem is that LaunchMod starts with package LaunchMod;, and the code inside the eval is executed inside the LaunchMod package, setting $LaunchMod::me rather than $main::me.

You can fix this by specifying the appropriate package somewhere... The Code file could start with package main;, or you could stick "package main;" onto the front of $code before evalling it.

It may also be worth considering doing away with the use of globals altogether, passing $me into &CodeMod::MySub rather than depending on it being in a specific package.

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Re: Re: Namespace after forking()+eval()ing providing unexpected results
by JPaul (Hermit) on Jan 23, 2002 at 20:32 UTC
    That makes lots of sense. I couldn't understand why if the fork/eval was out in it wouldn't work, yet it would in Launcher itself - I saw only that it was doing the same code in two different places, the 'package' declaration didn't hit me...
    The 'package main;' makes the code work as I want it to, so I'm quite happy.

    The code example given is, as you can imagine, greatly simplified from the original software - where I'm using a number of globals to relate back and forth between Code and, as there are a lot of routines that use these globals - and I began to feel that passing three vars to one sub, which then distributes that to a bunch more, collects the results... and passes it all back? It just started getting really ugly...

    My thanks Chipmunk,
    -- Alexander Widdlemouse undid his bellybutton and his bum dropped off --

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