During an IT seminar at work, in a moment of drunken bravery, I approached the IT Director and asked whether 'we' could make a contribution to the Perl Foundation. I quickly mentioned how much we use Perl in my area, thats its free and that support from the Perl community was fantastic. He asked me to E-mail him details and promised to seriously consider the request.

I should point out that I work in London for a major City Bank with a global presence. Most application development these days is in Java with either Sybase or Oracle. Walking round the IT areas There is always a Camel nestling amongst the Java spam. I know the Unix and NT administrators use Perl and most teams use it a bit. There are also quite a few mod_perl/Apache servers on our intranet. In my particular area I'm lucky enough to use Perl for everything. (getting paid for it!

I want to make as good as case as possible. Can anyone think of arguments I could use?

Apologies if this should have been posted under 'Seekers of Perl wisdom'