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You shame me. I'll have to pour over it before I make a more detailed comment, but here's my version of a similar thing. I didn't make it into a package, and it still has a few problems.

I just have it run in a window in the background so that I can lookup anything I miss when I don't reload fast enough. Comments appreciated!

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use LWP::Simple; my($newmessages, $oldmessages); while(1){ get("")=~/<!-- nodelets start here -- +>(.*)/s; $_=$1; my(@nodelet)=split(/<!--Nodelet Break -->/); foreach (@nodelet){ if (/Chatterbox/){ s/\n//g; s/\r//g; while(m%(<b>&lt;</b>|<i>)<a href=[^>]*>([^<]*) +</a>(<b>&gt;</b>)?(.*?)(</i>)?<br>%ig){ if(!defined($oldmessages->{"$2:$4"})){ $newmessages->{"$2:$4"}=1; print "$2: $4\n"; } } last; } } undef $oldmessages; $oldmessages=$newmessages; undef $newmessages; sleep(15); }