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About me

That's me in the picture. Photo taken by the wonderful Clara Ko.

Yes, name really is Joost. But I'm not that joost.

I'm a freelance Perl / JavaS‎crip‎t / Java / C / C++ / Common Lisp / PHP / Ruby programmer / architect. Professionally, I mostly do web-related Perl, JavaS‎crip‎t and C work at the moment, plus some system-integration jobs. I'd welcome the chance to get my teeth into a serious Lisp (in any form) or Ruby job too. Feel free to contact me.

my blog on all sorts of code related stuff (dutch/english hybrid)

My company's webpage is here. Most of it is in Dutch, though. I haven't gotten around to fixing up a full English version. Also, you might want to check out my perl modules on CPAN.

An interesting project I'm working on right now more online soon new public source code will probably go here historical GIS information site (in Dutch).

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my XP changes

Music please!

Brel (Jef) (Mijn vlakke land) (Mathilde)