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Re(3): Am I a power-mad Friar?

by FoxtrotUniform (Prior)
on Apr 08, 2002 at 16:59 UTC ( #157482=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Am I a power-mad Friar?
in thread Am I a power-mad Friar?

    Perhaps a text field to enter a reason for frontpaging a node would be in order?

I concur. If we're going to list the names of who frontpaged what, it's reasonable to let them explain why they did it.

    Update: I don't necessarily want every frontpaged node to be rigorously justified, boo_radley, but when someone frontpages a node that isn't obviously worthy, it'd be useful to give them a chance to explain their decision. (And NTC gets its share of empty considers, too.) Just a thought.
    End Update
    On the issue of frontpaging too much, I'd only frontpage one every couple days or so. If a node is worthy. someone else will most likely frontpage it.

I think I've frontpaged one node since reaching Friar. Usually, the impressive nodes have been frontpaged before I get to them.

    Update 2: It occurs to me that I don't frontpage nodes mostly because I hang out at Newest Nodes instead of The Monastery Gates, and forget all about this "front page" thing.

Another criterion that I use when deciding whether or not to frontpage something is: "How will this reflect on Perl Monks?" The Monastery Gates is (probably) the first exposure a visitor will have to the site, so I think it's reasonable to exert a bit more editorial criticism when deciding what to put there. (For instance, Juerd's recent comment on a not-so-Friendly home node impressed me, displayed well, and was of above-average overall quality, but I didn't frontpage it -- we don't need to advertise our internal disputes to the rest of the world.) This strikes me as a fairly obvious point, but it should be mentioned.


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Front Paging Madness Sweeps Monastery! (boo)
by boo_radley (Parson) on Apr 08, 2002 at 18:29 UTC
    Foxtrot Uniform sez :
    I concur. If we're going to list the names of who frontpaged what, it's reasonable to let them explain why they did it.
    I dunno about that. The reason the fp messages started showing up was to prevent people from acting on their own nodes; front page nodes get a lot more attention and, therefore, votes. It's a simple mechanism to catch people who are tooting their own horn.

    Besides, take a moment to consider what types of SOPWs get FPd, and how that'd look if the persons FPing a node had to explain it all the damn time... We'd see a dozen variations of "good node", "good question" or "well researched". This FP reason field would be little more than noise after a while.

    Note that this does differ from the Approval entry for NTC -- there's a lot more variety in the reasons to consider nodes than approve them, and I'd prefer to see your reason for wanting to (eg) delete a node rather than front page it.

    Also a big thanks to the gods for polishing up the Approval interface (among many, many other things)

Re: (FoxUni) Re(3): Am I a power-mad Friar?
by random (Monk) on Apr 09, 2002 at 17:26 UTC

    I generally agree with your comments, but I feel compelled to interject a small note. While I agree we must consider whether any given node will reflect badly on Perl Monks as a community, I'm not sure that controversial nodes should be kept under wraps. For example, the node from Juerd may have started out as an internal squabble, but it evolved into a very interesting discussion about free speech, community, and the rights of the many vs. the rights of the few. I don't necessarily think new visitors should be sheltered from this. These are (in my opinion) among the most thought-provoking debates to come out of our community, and they definitely give a "flavor" of what PerlMonks is all about.


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