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Great editorial - maybe publications like the one you mentioned would change the situation... It's conclusion should reach the managers (if somebody is able to show this editorial to them).
So far i'm free to support open-source and after tilly's (who was the first that described this in public with details) problems i would pay greater attention to what i am to sign.
Everyday somebody ;-p says 'We are brave - we fight for freedom' - slogans, nothing more... In this world - computer world, freedom is a right to use software, to create software and give it away to people - it's mine, nobody pays me for that. And here's another rule from microeconomy (this time):

Whe you are an owner of some goods you have right to:
  • use your property
  • give it away/exchange/sell to anybody you want
  • abandon using it (and it still remain yours)

So if those are basic rules of microeconomy and all the people make their decisions, concerning scarity of goods, etc... and if we have an intelectual property law, so anything that doesn't follow those basic rules is wrong and should be banned - becouse of being against the law (any of them would match).
Anyway ++ and sorry for my bad english ;-)

Greetz, Tom.