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Re: Crond

by osfameron (Hermit)
on May 21, 2002 at 13:46 UTC ( #168122=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Crond

A few comments after a quick scan through the code:
  • I'm not sure how you are supposed to install this as a Win32 service (The supplied subs, "Remove", "Install", etc. don't seem to have anything pointing to them).
  • Some of this code looks like it should be refactored: e.g. the code for minutos and horas are almost identical, and with some re-writing you could have much simpler code.
  • You're not useing strict or warnings!
  • The name of the crontab file is hard-coded in the script. You should probably document that!
  • (And you should probably document that the names of the days are hard-coded in Spanish, and where to change them. If you've not learned how to use POD documentation try reading the perlpod manpage, very useful!)
Hope that helps.


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Re: Re: Crond
by zeroquo (Novice) on May 21, 2002 at 14:34 UTC
    The code its make for Perl Dev Kit of ActiveState, its make an binary distribution of this code as native W32 service. Its announce, the only donīt use the Strict package and Warning package, because the module Perlsvc its fail on compile the source. That work similar that use Strict package, whit the use of "my" attribute for variable definition. Probe that , generating the binary file whith perlsvc compile package of ActiveState. Enjoy & Thanks !

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