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The story of my name is usually a long one told over a few pints of beer. So i'll keep it short and sober this time. Roughly 3 years ago, when i first started college, I moved in with some frineds of mine from high school. One was a slob, the other attended a German class, and the last one(me) tried to maintain somewhat hygenic conditions. Being the one with the highest standard of orderliness... I ended up doing most of the cleaning.

Half way through that year my friend who attended German class started calling me "PutzFrau". Which to my suprises, is supposed to mean "Cleaning Lady" in German. Woe is me. At first it was an insult, but later i adopted it as my gaming name, as a symbol of the shit I had to clean up, for our friendly games of CS. And since then i wear the title with pride.

I've been told that this meaning is incorrect. But I dont care. In my mind those times will ever be known as the age of....
"Das Eisen Putzfrau"
"The Iron Cleaning Lady"

"The way of the Hacker, the Way of the Sword and the way of Zen are identical, for they have the same purpose - that of killing the ego." -- Adapted from Yamada Jirokichi