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by converter (Priest)
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The obligatory blog

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A Word of Wisdom

"Library design is language design." - Bell Labs proverb

Perl/Tk Resources

Documentation found on The CPAN

  • Tk - An overview of an Object Oriented Tk8.0 extension for perl5
  • CallingTk - what is Perl Tk interface doing when you call Tk functions.
  • perl/Tk - Writing Tk applications in perl5. (Tk::UserGuide)
  • ptksh - Perl/Tk s‎crip‎t to provide a graphical user interface for testing Perl/Tk commands and s‎crip‎ts.
  • widget - Demonstration of Perl/Tk widgets
  • Devel::ptkdb - Perl debugger using a Tk GUI

Usenet archives and articles

Perl/Tk devs' pages

Perl/Tk FAQ Lists

A selection of Perl/Tk-related articles

Perl/Tk Tutorials

Perl/Tk Books

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