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Welcome to the Monastery. We are glad you have come to join us. The monastery is spacious, and there is plenty of room for study, conversation, and fun. We hope that you stay for a while, it's always good to see guests become full-time inhabitants.

The Beginning

If you don't know your way around here yet, allow me to show you some of the basics.

First of all, there's the Monastery Gates where you can browse the articles of the day. To find an area that intrests you, I suggest heading down the hall to Cool Uses for Perl to see some interesting applications of the Language, Obfuscation and Poetry to test the mind, Seekers of Perl Wisdom to pose a question about Perl (or provide an answer) and Meditations and Perl Monks Discussion to converse with others about your trade and your time at the Monastery.

Each of these articles and each reply to an article is called a node. These nodes are what makes up Perl Monks. Your very own section of the Monestary is your home node. The items to the rightmost are nodelets, which provide more information about Perl Monks. The Chatterbox and Other Users are for interacting with others on the site. You can use the chatterbox to ask quick questions or just shoot the breeze with fellow monks.

You may have noticed your name in lights at the top of every page. By clicking this, it will bring you to your home node. This is your home away from home, where you can post information about yourself or modify your settings for Perl Monks. As a first task, I suggest turning of JavaScript for home nodes. You can do this through your user settings at the bottom of your home node.

Many of the other Monks on this website have very interesting home nodes, which are filled with information about Perl Monks, stats, and other information that might interest you. Here's just a few home nodes known for an abundance of information (in random order and not nearly complete):

You can find someone's home node by clicking on their name in the chatterbox, or above a node they have authored.

Living Here

In order to get the most out of Perl Monks, I suggest taking a tour around the Monastery. There are great ideas out there, but it's your job to find them (Super Search will help, sometimes.)

Allow me to give you a few starting points for getting used to the Monastery.

  1. If you have questions, take a look in the Site FAQ or take a look at turnstep's home node.
  2. Use the Chatterbox.
  3. Take a look at Perl Monks' longest running joke.
  4. Read about the Schwartzian Transform.
  5. Be friendly to your fellow monks.
  6. See what people are saying about the Monastery itself.
  7. Check out Fame, Fortune, ChicksStuds, and XP!,
  8. Read Newest Nodes frequently, and get yourself involved in discussion.
  9. If you have some spare change, drop it on the Offering Plate.

Getting Help

If you need some quick help with a problem in your code, try asking it in the chatterbox, first. Don't forget the <code> tags if you post some snippets. If your question is complicated or has a lot of code to go with it, sumbit a question to Seekers of Perl Wisdom. The monks will answer your question as best as they can.

Remember, if you'd like some help, ask for it! Feel free to send a private message in the chatterbox to me if you really need some help getting used to the Monastery.

Enjoy your stay at the Monastery, and if you bump into NodeReaper, don't forget to say "Hello."