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by LTjake (Prior)
on Sep 05, 2002 at 17:56 UTC ( #195456=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: Web Stuff
Author/Contact Info /msg LTjake or see POD contact info.
Description: This is a module to help access XML-RPC methods provided by the covers project. It needs to have Frontier::Client (and its dependencies) installed. HUGE thanks to Petruchio for fixes, rewrites and guidance.

The covers project is "...a database of cover songs (songs performed by an artist other than the original performer) with the intention of creating cover 'chains.'"
package CoversProject::Client;

$VERSION   = '0.01';

use strict;
use warnings;
use Carp;
use Frontier::Client;

my $default = '';

sub ServerName { ${$_[0]}->{'url'}; }

sub Default { $default }

sub new {
  my( $class, %arg ) = @_;
  my $self = Frontier::Client->new( url => $arg{server_name} || $defau
+lt );
  bless \$self, $class;

my %method = map { $_ => "covers.$_" } qw( CoveredBy Longest Chain Cov
+ered Bands URL );
$method{$_} = "system.$_" for qw( methodSignature listMethods methodHe
+lp );

  my $m = (split '::', our $AUTOLOAD)[-1];
  my $ret = exists $method{$m} ? ${$_[0]}->call( $method{$m}, grep { d
+efined } $_[1] )
                               : croak "Undefined method $m called";
  ref $ret eq 'ARRAY' ? @$ret : $ret;



=head1 NAME

CoversProject::Client - Perl library to access the covers project (htt


  use CGI ':standard';
  use CoversProject::Client;

  my ($server, @results, $query);

  $server = CoversProject::Client->new();
  @results = $server->Bands();

  print header, start_html;
  print ol(li(\@results));
  print end_html;


This module makes use of Ken MacLeod's XML-RPC module (Frontier::Clien
+t) to provide
easy access to methods provided by Chris Heschong's Covers Project (ht

=head1 METHODS

=head2 new()

Call new() to create a new XML-RPC client object.

  my $server = CoversProject::Client->new();

It will use as the default server. Yo
+u can supply your own
if you wish by using the server_name parameter.

  my $server = CoversProject::Client->new( server_name => 'http://my.o' );

=head2 ServerName()

Simply returns the server your client is connected to.

  my $current_server = $server->ServerName();

=head2 Default()

Returns the default server your client can connect to.

  my $default_server = $server->Default();

=head2 Covered()

Returns an array of hashrefs containing songs originally performed by 
+the supplied argument that have
been covered by other artists.

  my @results = $server->Covered('Cake');
  foreach (@results) {
    print $_->{'artist'} . ' - ' . $_->{'song'} . '<br />';

=head2 CoveredBy()

Returns an array of hashrefs containing songs that the supplied argume
+nt has covered.

  my @results = $server->CoveredBy('Cake');
  foreach (@results) {
    print $_->{'artist'} . ' - ' . $_->{'song'} . '<br />';

=head2 Bands()

Returns an array containing all of the bands the server knows about.

  my @results = $server->Bands();
  foreach (@results) {
    print $_ . '<br />';

=head2 URL()

Returns the Covers Project URL for a given artist.

  my $url = $server->URL('Cake');

=head2 Chain()

Returns an array of hashrefs containing songs in a cover chain started
+ by the supplied argument.

  my @results = $server->Chain('Cake');
  foreach (@results) {
    print $_->{'artist'} . ' - ' . $_->{'song'} . ' was covered by ' .
+ $_->{'coveredBy'} . '<br />';

=head2 Longest()

Returns an array of hashrefs containing the chain at position (argumen
+t). Use position 0 for the longest chain.

  my @results = $server->Longest(0);
  foreach (@results) {
    print $_->{'artist'} . ' - ' . $_->{'song'} . ' was covered by ' .
+ $_->{'coveredBy'} . '<br />';

=head2 listMethods()

This method lists all the methods that the covers project server knows
+ how to dispatch.

  my @methods = $server->listMethods();
  foreach (@methods) {
    print $_ . '<br />';

=head2 methodHelp()

Returns help text if defined for the method passed, otherwise returns 
+an empty string.

  my $help = $server->methodHelp('covers.URL');

=head2 methodSignature()

Returns an array of known signatures for the method name passed.

  my @sigs = $server->methodSignature('covers.Chain');
  foreach (@sigs) {
    print @$_[0] . ' covers.Chain(' . @$_[1] . ')';

=head1 BUGS

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports or feature suggestion
email them to Brian Cassidy <>.

=head1 CREDITS

This module was originally written by Brian Cassidy (http://www.altern
and was then rewritten and optimized by Ray Brinzer (http://www.brinze

Many thanks to Ken MacLeod and his Frontier::Client module. Without it
+, this
would not have been possible.

Thanks also to Chris Heschong ( for his most exc
+ellent covers
project ( and its XML-RPC interface (http://cov

=head1 LICENSE

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify i
+t as you

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