in reply to Objectivity and Commercialism

I think that real objectivity is extraordinarily difficult to achieve. People often feel they are being objective when they are actually working with deep-seated biases.

The only time that we even approach objectivity is in Scientific experiments where the results are duplicated by different groups. Then, we start to stray from objectivity when we interpret the consequences of what the experiment is telling us.

Taking this into account, I have to disagree here. It's extremely difficult to be objective when we have a personal stake involved, such as a work situation.

I do think that it is the responsibility of a professional to try and be objective in all situations involving work. The terms professional and professionalism are thrown around a lot without, to me, clear distinctions and definitions. However, if I were to define what professionalism is to me, it is exemplified by someone who exercises their judgement in the pursuit of their work with as much objectivity as they can possibly apply while still delivering value. You can't fret over objectivity to the point that you are paralyzed and can't deliver products and services. Short of that standard, a professional tries to be as objective as possible.

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