When will Perl 6 be released? We can't know. Fortunately, the people involved are more concerned about quality than speed.

This makes room for speculation. Some think Perl 6 will never be finished, but most people have a more realistic view. Will it be June, next year? Is it not going to be released the next three years? Maybe you think they've been coding it secretly, and that Perl 6 is going to be out tomorrow? Or are you completely unaware of Parrot's developments, and think it'll take at least another 18 years?

On what day do you think Perl 6 will be released?


  • The perl6 interpreter that is found in Parrot's CVS tree does not count :)
  • Beta versions, alpha versions, release candidates don't count, we're looking for the first final release
  • Answer in YYYY-MM-DD (updated! Thanks, blakem) format, to avoid confusion (2020-06-12 is June 12, 2020)
  • UTC will be used
  • No, you can't win anything with this :)
  • Don't cheat by updating your node. I'm too lazy to check it :)

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My entry: 2003-07-05

Good luck! :)

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