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I'm not as think as you drunk I am, ociffer.


It's late at night, on a rather empty highway, and a police officer driving along notices a car up ahead. The driver is following every rule in the book -- he's not speeding, he's using his turn signal to change lanes (even with an empty highway!)... the police officer decides to show his appreciation. He turns on his lights, and the car ahead puts on its right turn signal, slows down, stops on the shoulder, and puts the hazard lights on.

The cop walks up to the car, and the window is rolled down already. "I'd just like to thank you, sir, for driving so cautiously. You're a model driver, and I wish other people were as courteous as you are on the road." says the cop to the driver.

The driver responds "Why thank you, officer. You have to be this careful when you're as drunk as I am."

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