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I don't think requiring peopel to post helpful information is necessary. If people really want to help out the community they will post educational material and/or comments. However, I think people who post HOWTO, FAQ, or tutorial information should gain mega XP allowing them to outpace people gaining XP simply by voting.

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RE: RE: Higher level posts
by c-era (Curate) on Jul 07, 2000 at 18:19 UTC
    If each ++ on the HOWTO, FAQ, or tutorial was worth 1 or 2 experiance points instead of 1/3 it would allow fast XP growth, but the amount of XP would still be determaned by votes.
      And gaining XP based on receiving votes should be a major way to gain XP. Afterall, if others feel you are contributing and giving you ++ you should receive the rewards. The problem with the current system is that people gain XP simply by voting. Take me for example, I am a monk simply because I log in and vote each day. I haven't contributed that much to the site, IMO. One idea is to take away the possibility of gaining XP for simply voting. People should gain XP based on what they contribute and by contribute I mean by what they post. If you gain XP based on ++ votes then you are achieving status because others believe you deserve that status, not simply because you show up. Now that I have wandered off topic into the XP realm I will stop now.
        Getting XP for voting is good because it encourages daily (or clos to it) participation, rather than participation only when _you_ need help. To vote, one must at least look through the posts, which makes it more likely that someone will comment and that errors will be spotted and corrected.
        If people didn't get XP for voting some people wouldn't vote. I think that voting needs to not be such a big source of XP. Either lower the amount of XP you get from voting, or raise the amount of XP needed to gain levels.
RE: RE: Higher level posts
by splinky (Hermit) on Jul 07, 2000 at 17:55 UTC
    I like this idea a lot.