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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?


by pfaut (Priest)
on Dec 05, 2002 at 01:13 UTC ( [id://217641]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

[2016-06-15] So, I haven't been around much in a while. That last temp job I mentioned became permanent in January, 2011. I'm still there and using perl for a number of things. They keep me busy so I don't get to spend much time here.

[2010-10-05] I'm now working as a consultant. My contract runs into January, 2011 but may be renewed. Somehow I managed to find another VMS job. If anyone is still using CMS on VMS I have a module you might be interested in.

[2009-03-31] A couple of weeks ago I was informed that I would be let go from my current job at the end of September. I am a programmer with C/C++, perl, java, and database experience on linux, OpenVMS and Windows. I live in New Jersey but will consider moving to a southern state (Tennessee, Georgia, Carolinas). If you know of available programmer jobs, please contact me. Thanks.

[2007-12-04] I just finished another CD project with a different group of musicians.

[2004-07-20] I just got my copies of the CD today. I would guess that the band's website should be updated soon to allow orders.

[2004-06-01] The CD is finally finished and has been sent off for printing. If you're interested, keep an eye on as I'm sure an announcement will be made there about how to purchase one.

[2003-08-29] My band has had a bit of a setback with our CD project. The new studio got the tapes from Kathy's nephew and converted them for use on the computerized recording system. Unfortunately, there are problems that probably can't be fixed like large amounts of bleed due to the way we put down the drum and bass tracks. We may have to start over but if we do, things will go a lot faster due to the studio being a lot closer and the computerized system being a lot easier to make corrections with. We have some decisions to make - we can use it anyway in which case there will be a big difference in quality and production between the old and new songs or we can do everything over and incur a big expense for additional studio time.

[2003-06-29] For those interested in my band's CD project: Kathy's nephew was doing the recording for us in his home studio. Unfortunately, he's been having some problems with his neighbors and won't be able to finish the project. We have found another local studio to finish the project but won't be able to schedule time there for a few weeks. The CD probably won't be ready until some time in August.

[2003-06-04] I started my new job on 5/27. I have to get up too early to be able to get online before I leave for work. The commute stinks thanks to New Jersey traffic. By the time I get home I'm fairly exausted and don't really feel like getting on line for more than catching up on my mail. And if I do have any energy left, there's a hockey game on! Hopefully it won't take me long to get used to the hours and the commute and be able to spend more time here again. If not, I'll just have to quit.... :-)

[2003-04-17] After having my resume on job boards for six months and actively sending out resumes for three, I have finally found a new job through a friend of a friend. So much for the job boards.

I wonder how many other monks have had a petitioner kiss their feet.

I think the following is obligatory.

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