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Re: Re: Comparing Approximate Items

by tall_man (Parson)
on Jan 09, 2003 at 01:31 UTC ( #225408=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Comparing Approximate Items
in thread Comparing Approximate Items

I think you are right. Text::Levenshtein is better in this case because String::Approx will match substrings of the input. Here is one more thing. If substitutions are not allowed, only inserts and deletes, you could use Text::WagnerFischer to set the cost of substitution so high that it will not be used.
use Text::Levenshtein; use Text::WagnerFischer; my $pat = 'AAB'; my @lst = qw(ABAB ABBA ABB ABABAAB); my @dist1 = Text::Levenshtein::distance($pat, @lst); my @dist2 = Text::WagnerFischer::distance([0, 1, 100], $pat, @lst); my ($i, $item); $i = 0; foreach $item (@lst) { print "Levenshtein distance of $item to $pat is ",$dist1[$i],"\n"; print "WagnerFischer distance of $item to $pat is ",$dist2[$i],"\n" +; $i++; }

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