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Re: Space or Soft Hyphens

by Coruscate (Sexton)
on Feb 17, 2003 at 07:42 UTC ( #235908=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Space or Soft Hyphens

Let me see... running RedHat Linux, I tried Mozilla 1.01, Opera 6.11, Konqueror 3.0.3-14 (no, I never use Konqueror: I just tested every browser I have), and lynx 2.8.5dev.7. The results:

  • Mozilla: In your little example, I don't see hyphens. In tye's example, I don't see any hyphens, yet the text does not wrap. So: Mozilla doesn't do it right.

  • Opera: Exact same results as Mozilla, no difference whatsoever. So: Opera doesn't do it right.

  • Konqueror: In both your and tye's tests, Konqueror displays those little "I-don't-understand-that-character" little box and doesn't even begin to work in either case.

  • Lynx: Imagine this: lynx, against Mozilla, Opera, and Konqueror, is the __only__ browser that handled this the right way. In your example, I see no hyphens at all. In tye's example, not only does it wrap, its shows the hyphens in the right spots: only at the end where it wraps. So lynx got one thing working nicely at least :)

The verdict: don't make it an enforced "feature", add it to user settings if you want but don't make it the default setting. Unless linux browsers smarten up and get with the times, I won't ever be using this option :)

If the above content is missing any vital points or you feel that any of the information is misleading, incorrect or irrelevant, please feel free to downvote the post. At the same time, reply to this node or /msg me to tell me what is wrong with the post, so that I may update the node to the best of my ability. If you do not inform me as to why the post deserved a downvote, your vote does not have any significance and will be disregarded.

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