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Re: Favorite Cheese

by tadman (Prior)
on Feb 17, 2003 at 08:31 UTC ( #235915=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Favorite Cheese

Yikes. No Brie? Impossible!

No Double Gouchester? No Blue!?

Or at least Gorgonzola?

Cheddar is fine, but I'm not sure that wine cheddar or a nice eight-year would qualify as mere "cheddar".

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Re: Re: Favorite Cheese
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 18, 2003 at 21:19 UTC
    Ahhhhhhhhh....Stilton, Gorgonzola, or for a little mix it up there's this huntsman cheese at the local whole foods market it has three layers of stilton varying degrees of ripeness interspersed with layers of a buttery cheddar. sigh.....

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