Looking through Apocalypse 6, especially before the Exegesis has come out, I get an excited-yet-queasy feeling that I think many others share. A lot of the complaints (mostly in other places) are really centered around "but it doesn't look like Perl". I recently realized that when people say that, they really mean "but it doesn't look like Perl 5."

Clearly, we need a new name for this language that will help people to disassociate it from the old language. After all, if it's called Perl 6, it must be just one step away from Perl 5, right? But it's not, it's on a whole different plane, and we need a name for it that makes that clear. Obviously, we can't call it "COBOL 2003" or "Espresso Con Panna" because people will be seriously confused. We need a name that evokes not only where the language is, but also where it has come from.

Here's your chance for notoriety fame and fortune! Come up with a new name for this wonderful language, and give a brief rationale of your suggestion in a reply below. I'll disqualify myself, but here are a few to get you started:

Like Perl++, but it's incremented before you use it.
I mean, "JavaPerl" is just too awful to contemplate.
Perl Advanced 2003 XP
Which conveniently abbreviates to PA2K3XP. A language with an obfuscated name, even.

For extra credit, design a new logo also: a Camel on steroids, or one with its quanta superposed, or ...?