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Multi-programming language translators

by ugmalander (Novice)
on Mar 20, 2003 at 12:51 UTC ( [id://244577]=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hey all,
   I'm "new" to perlmonks.. original user acct: malander, last post, 2 years ago ;) Back a while ago I seem to remember someone mentioning a project involving an XML translator that could take XML and translate the code into differing programming languages...

   I've been toying around with a similar project, test-003 (for lack of a better name) which takes LISP-style sexprs and can translate them into different programming languages. I'm wondering if anyone else has any experience in the field or any insight to share. In case you're wondering, the whole suite (lexer, parser, codegen) is in Perl ;)

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Re: Multi-programming language translators
by scain (Curate) on Mar 21, 2003 at 05:07 UTC
    This is not exactly related, but I do know of a useful database tool that does translations. Essentially, it allows you to take dumps of table create statements (so, the schema) from one database and translate it to table create statements for a another database. I've found it useful transforming a MySQL database into a PostgreSQL database. The tool is SQL::Translator.

    Project coordinator of the Generic Model Organism Database Project

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