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Re: HTML Frontend to FTP using CGI,LDAP and virtual users

by cees (Curate)
on Apr 14, 2003 at 14:41 UTC ( #250298=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to HTML Frontend to FTP using CGI,LDAP and virtual users

WebDAV is the way to go here. If your customers are using windows, they can map a drive to your webdav enabled web server and drag and drop files in their file manager.

We have used this successfully with some clients who also didn't like FTP, but were relatively comfortable using the windows file manager...

You could stil use ldap authentication using mod_auth_ldap for Apache (if you are using Apache that is)

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Re: Re: HTML Frontend to FTP using CGI,LDAP and virtual users
by submersible_toaster (Chaplain) on Apr 15, 2003 at 00:01 UTC

    I flirted with WebDAV for a while, I will look even further now - have you tried it with say OSX smb:// mounts or is that total pie in the sky? If it were possible to rely on the fact the all our clients use windows, then WebDAV is an real option. I suspect that the OS9.x , OSX , Windows 9x/xxxxx hetrogeny might find more common ground in HTTP1.1 at present.

    ++cees -thanks

    I can't believe it's not psellchecked

      I have never used OS9 or OSX, but according to the WebDAV projects page OSX definately has support for WebDAV. Also Win9x and up also support it (earlier version may need to install the 'Web Folders' update on Windows Update).

      WebDAV is an open standard, and hence you should get excellent cross platform interoperability. At it's most simple level, you could call it FTP over the HTTP protocol (which is pretty much what you were after). But it allows much more than that, especially with the power of Apache driving it.

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