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Re: How to make the default?

by TVSET (Chaplain)
on Apr 22, 2003 at 23:39 UTC ( #252403=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How to make the default?

That's easy :)

You have to configure your server to use or index.cgi (or whatever you want) as a default Index page. If you are using Apache web server, then you have to use DirectoryIndex directive. Here is a an example from my config (/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf):

# # DirectoryIndex: Name of the file or files to use as a pre-written HT +ML # directory index. Separate multiple entries with spaces. # <IfModule mod_dir.c> DirectoryIndex index.epl index.html index.htm ndex.shtml index.php + index.php4 index.php3 index.phtml index.cgi index.epl index +.mhtml index.mpl </IfModule>

It is possible in any(?) other server too. I've seen it even in MS IIS, but don't remember where. :)

Leonid Mamtchenkov

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Re: Re: How to make the default?
by Bilbo (Pilgrim) on Apr 23, 2003 at 08:22 UTC

    If you are using Apache then this can also be placed in a file called .htaccess in your website directory, so you don't need to configure the server itself. Seach google for 'htaccess'.

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