I just started perl a week ago, so this is one of my first pieces of code. All comments are welcome.
#!usr/bin/perl #Written by gilbert for UEC. # -should be up soon...- #Mail for bugs, improvements, questions, + insults or loveletters. #I'm just a beginner so this is crappy code. use warnings; use strict; #Before I met you, I was like a $calar. my $lonely = "Gilbert"; #When we got together, we lived in our own @rray of love. my @love = ("Gilbert","lieselotte"); #When we have sex, it is like we become one. my $sex = join "=" , @love; #Now we are like a pair of data, safely surrounded by the hash of love +. my %marriage = ( gilbert => "lieselotte" ); print "$lonely\n"; print "(@love)\n"; print "$sex\n"; for (keys %marriage) { print "$_ loves $marriage{$_} forever.\n"; } while (1) { print "Let our love be as infinite as this loop.\n"; }