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RE: Proposed XP System Changes

by mt2k (Hermit)
on Aug 03, 2000 at 20:21 UTC ( #26020=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Proposed XP System Changes

One other point I think might help also.
I notice myself doing it every once in a while, so I'm sure that there are others that do it too.
Casting a vote on a top-level node (the node that everyone replies to) should have only maybe half the chance of receiving that +1 XP.
Why do I propose this? Because any user that simply votes on the main nodes doesn't really need to do any work to receive XP.
So, voting on a top-level node should have half the odds of receiving +1 XP, while votes used on replies have the same odds they have now.
This way, users will be motivated to look *into* the nodes at the replies, and maybe even learn something along the way :)

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(Ozymandias) RE: RE: Proposed XP System Changes
by Ozymandias (Hermit) on Aug 03, 2000 at 20:29 UTC
    No, voting's already been cut way down as a source of XP. The idea is that you receive XP from OTHER PEOPLE voting on your writeups, not from voting yourself.

    If you make no writeups, but simply vote out every day under the new system, you will eventually reach Monk. It won't be fast, but you'll eventually make Monk. And there you will sit. Statistically, yes, you'll continue to gain XP from voting and logging in; but it would take months to reach Friar.

    The idea of this is not to encourage what someone called "good voting behavior". It's to encourage contributions to PerlMonks. You can't gain XP unless other people vote for your writeups on a consistent basis. The better your average reputation, the faster your growth. So although it's absolutely crucial that people continue to vote, it won't directly do much for their XP levels.

    We want you to vote for root-level nodes. And for replies. And we want you to vote on the deep, far reaches of the threads. But we want you to vote based on what you think of the node, not on what reward you will get. We don't want to reward good voting behavior. We want to make voting essential to good community behavior.

    - email Ozymandias
      OK, is this system yet implemented?
      Because just today, I made 10 XP for voting (16 votes).
      Seems to me that's a pretty chunk of XP for having voted.
      I still stand where I'm at with my last reply, simply because more people will be driven to enter nodes and read the replies.
      I might stand down if the new XP system isn't yet implemented.
        I know vroom's fast, but still...

        The changes are (in the order they'll be implemented)

        I don't think he meant "in the next hour."

        - email Ozymandias

        Update: Actually, I guess he did. <G> Anyway, mt2k, when you asked the question, it hadn't been implemented. Now it has. If you have any concerns, bring them up, let's talk about them.

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