in reply to Proposed XP System Changes

No offense, but: 1) This system makes posting too much like karma. All we need is a site full of karma whores (sarchasm).

2) A person might post a very astute and intelligent answer to a question burried deep in the system. Nobody might see it/care about it except for the person asking the question. They wouldn't get XP for it.

3) I view XP as a measure of site-participation. Voting/Posting/So Forth are part of site participation.

4) A lot of things are voted way up that aren't really adding that much to the site, but deserve to be voted up. Someone posting something minor that is cute or funny would get mad XP just for posting something cute or funny. I've made comments that got high reputations because they were cute or funny that I don't deserve mad XP for, but they deserved to be said because they were cute or funny. On the opposite side of the coin. I've had a few good writeups, that explain things in direct terms, like as if I was teaching a damned class on the subject. These didn't tend to get terribly great reps, but they very clearly explain the problem/solution. I deserve more XP for writing an astute reply than I do for saying something cute. Then again, they deserve higher reps than the cute comments do.

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