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RE:x4 Proposed XP System Changes

by neshura (Chaplain)
on Aug 04, 2000 at 01:24 UTC ( #26109=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: RE: RE: Proposed XP System Changes
in thread Proposed XP System Changes

You may not be able to answer questions in time (I know I never can) but I try to occasionally write an informed post about something. (Occasionally.) I'm always tired too. I try to pick my battles, so to speak, as they come up and as they seem important: help out newbies in the chatterbox with site problems, or write vroom about things I think are not working. I post too sometimes. I don't much like receiving XP, it makes me feel guilty. :)

Of course, I believe that if you want to earn XP, you more than deserve it. Your posts are excellent, I've voted up many of them! I didn't know you personally, but you've got both explicit reputation (well-rated posts) and implicit (eg I know that you make good posts, your nick is familiar that way).

This is a community of people, not of database entries. When I think of reputation, I don't think of a number, I think of a person who has posted good ideas or thoughtful replies. I think what we are trying to get to is an XP system that works more transparently, more in the background, and still encourages the kinds of posts and personal conduct that the community as a whole values.

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