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Ok, I ran out of time working on the "brute force" checking, but here is the shell of a program which should reduce the number of numbers which need to be checked to a small enough set. Sorry I could not complete the program (as it was actually starting to be fun. *Smiles*)

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use constant MATRIX_DIM => 3; # Set your matrix size here use constant MAX_NUM => (10 ** MATRIX_DIM) - 1; # Since you need to find 2 times the matrix width distinct numbers, yo +u cannot # have a divisor greater than the maximum number divided by that produ +ct. # # For example, a 3 x 3 matrix has a maximum number of 999. You need 6 +distinct # numbers to "solve" the matrix, so the maximum possible divisor would + be 166. # 166 would result in 166, 332, 498, 664, 830, and 996. # my $Divisor = int(MAX_NUM / (MATRIX_DIM * 2)); my @Num; my @Sol=(); sub CheckSolution { my $pNum=shift; my @Sol=(); # INCOMPLETE CODE # # Place code here which checks every combination of MATRIX_DIM numbe +rs as rows # and sees if there are MATRIX_DIM other numbers which can act as co +lumns. # # For example, for a 3 x 3 matrix, this code should go through each +combination # of three number (for rows) from the passed array and see if there +are three # other numbers which would work with the selected rows as columns. +This should # be a workable computation for all smaller matrix sizes. # return @Sol; } while ($Divisor >= 1) { @Num=(); foreach ( / $Divisor)) { next if (($Divisor * $_) < (MAX_NUM / 10)); #Skip numbers which be +gin with zero push @Num, ($Divisor * $_); } print 'Checking solution for divisor ',$Divisor,': ',join('-',@Num), +"\n"; @Sol=CheckSolution(\@Num); last if ($#Sol > -1); $Divisor--; } print "\n"; if ($#Sol > -1) { print 'Maximum divisor is ',$Divisor,', solution is ',join('-',@Sol) +,"\n"; } else { print 'No solution found...',"\n"; }

Update: I finished code which will work on any size matrix and posted it Here.

Please note: I use "work" in the loosest terms as solving the 4x4 took 1.5 hours on my notebook.