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Image Gallery

by sulfericacid (Deacon)
on Jul 30, 2003 at 10:41 UTC ( #279131=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: Web Stuff
Author/Contact Info /msg sulfericacid
Description: - See the gallery print in action!

There are two scripts: image upload, image display. With these two files you can have yourself your very own image gallery!

User uploads an image at a time and specifies some image information (such as title and description). The image display prints/displays 20 images per page (5x4) as thumbnails (100x100 with link that opens in new window. Under each image displays: file name, image title, image description, image height, image width.

What I learned from this:

  • Difference between positive and negative numbers when used as a hash reference [-10..-1] and [1..10]
  • How to use array splicing
  • and this very cool snippet $var ||= 1;

    You will need to go through both files and change all pertaining links to directories and paths as I left them in so you could see what format they had to be in.

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    # IMAGES FOLDER MUST BE CHMOD TO 777 otherwise script fails
    use warnings;
    use CGI qw/:standard/;
    use POSIX;
    use DB_File;
    my %upload;
    my $upload = "imagegallery.db";
    tie %upload, "DB_File", "$upload", O_CREAT|O_RDWR, 0644, $DB_BTREE
        or die "Cannot open file 'upload': $!\n";
    my $mode = 0755;
    print header, start_html('Upload Form!');
    print "Upload formats allowed: jpg, gif, bmp.<br>";
    print start_form(
        -method  => 'post',
        -enctype => 'multipart/form-data'
               td("Please keep filenames, descriptions and titles short to
    + preserve a more uniformed appearance (under 20 chars)"),
            td("Image Title: "),
                    -name        =>  'title',
                    -size        =>  50,
                    -maxlength    =>  80
            td("Short Description: "),
                    -name        =>  'desc',
                    -size        =>  50,
                    -maxlength    =>  80
            td("File: "),
                    -name      => 'upload',
                    -size      => 50,
                    -maxlength => 80
        Tr( td(), td( submit( 'button', 'submit' ), ) )
      end_form(), hr;
    if ( param() ) {
        # take form data
        my $remotefile = param('upload');
        my $desc = param('desc');
        $desc =~ s/::/\&\#58\;\&\#58\;/g; # remove semicolons
        my $title = param('title');
        $title =~ s/::/\&\#58\;\&\#58\;/g; # remove semicolons
        my $category = param('category');
        $category =~ s/::/\&\#58\;\&\#58\;/g; # remove semicolons
        # make new variable to prevent overwriting of form data
        my $filename = $remotefile;
        # remove all directories in the file name path
        $filename =~ s/^.*[\\\/]//;
        $filename =~ s/::/\&\#58\;\&\#58\;/g; # remove semicolons
    foreach (keys %upload) {
    my ( $filename1, $title, $desc, $width, $height ) = split ( /::/, $upl
    +oad{$_} );
    if ($filename1 eq $filename) {
    print qq(<font color="red">A file with that name already exists.  Uplo
    +ad aborted.</font>);
        # full file path to upload directory (must include filename)
        my $localfile = "/home/sulfericacid/public_html/gallery/images/$fi
        # full url to upload directory (cannot include filename or an end 
    +slash /)
        my $url = "";
        my $type = uploadInfo($remotefile)->{'Content-Type'};
        unless ( $type eq 'image/pjpeg' || $type eq 'image/gif' || $type e
    +q 'image/bmp') {
            print "Wrong!  This is not a supported file type.";
        # open a new file and transfer bit by bit from what's in the buffe
        open( SAVED, ">>$localfile" );    # || die $!;
        while ( $bytesread = read( $remotefile, $buffer, 1024 ) ) {
            print SAVED $buffer;
        close SAVED;
        chmod $mode, "$localfile";        # or die "can't chmod: $!";
        print "-----------------------------<br>";
    qq(File was uploaded to <a href="$url\/$filename">$url\/$filename</a>)
        # required since module was not preinstalled on server
        use lib "/home/sulfericacid/public_html/lib/";
        use Image::Info qw(image_info dim);
        # assigning info to a filename (better be an image)
        my $info =image_info("$localfile");
       # if for any reason we can't open the file, this error trap should 
    +pick it up
        if ( my $error = $info->{error} ) {
            #die "Can't parse image info: $error\n";
        # declaring the width and heighth of your image
        my ( $w, $h ) = dim($info);
    my $combo = join("::", $filename, $title, $desc $w, $h);
    $upload{localtime()} = "$combo";
        print "<br><br><br>";
        print "Image code:<br>";
    qq(&lt;p style =\"background:url\($url\/$filename\)\;width:$w\;height:
    print "<br>-----------------------------<br>";
    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use warnings;
    use CGI qw/:standard/;
    use POSIX;
    use DB_File;
    my %upload;
    my $upload = "imagegallery.db";
    # full file path to image directory
    my $imagedir = "";
    tie %upload, "DB_File", "$upload", O_CREAT | O_RDWR, 0644, $DB_BTREE
      or die "Cannot open file 'upload': $!\n";
    print header, start_html('My Image Gallery');
    my $page = url_param('page');
    $page ||= 1; # if no url_param exists, make it 1
    my $first = ($page - 1) * 20;
    my $last  = $first + 19;
    print "<table>\n";
    my $counter = 0;
    for (grep defined($_), (reverse keys %upload)[$first .. $last]) {
        my ( $filename, $title, $desc, $width, $height ) = split ( /::/, $
    +upload{$_} );
        print " <tr>" unless ( $counter % 5 );
    $title    =~ s/(\S{11})/$1 /g;
    $desc     =~ s/(\S{11})/$1 /g;
        print qq(<td valign="top" width="120" height="120">),
              qq[<A HREF="'$imagedir/$filename', 
    '','toolbar=no width=$width height=$height scrolling=yes'); void('');"
              qq[<img src="$imagedir/$filename" height="100" width="100"><
    $filename =~ s/(\S{11})/$1 /g;          
        print qq(<b><font size=2>Filename:</b>$filename<br></font>),
              qq(<b><font size=2>Title:</b>$title<br></font>),
              qq(<b><font size=2>Desc:</b>$desc<br></font>),
              qq(<b><font size=2>Dimens:</b> $width x $height<br></font>),
        unless ( ++$counter % 5 ) {
            print "</tr>\n";
    print "</table>";
    my @keys  = sort keys %upload;
    my $group = 0;
    while (my @group = splice(@keys, 0, 20)) {
    my $url = "";
      print qq(<a href="$url?page=$group">Page: $group</a>|\n);
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    Re: Image Gallery
    by Mr. Muskrat (Canon) on Jul 30, 2003 at 13:05 UTC

      I'll leave the code review to someone else but I thought that I would bring up a few points.

      • You should create thumbnails of the images as they are uploaded. This will keep the full size images from needing to be downloaded until the user decides what they want to view.
      • You allow progressive JPEGs (image/pjpeg) but not normal JPEGs (image/jpeg). Why?
      • And what happens if the user has javascript disabled?

      • My next version I will see if I can literally generate thumnails rather than just resizing to 100x100. The script was rather difficult for me the way it was so I figured I'd take the cheap way out and wait til my nerves calm down before I try using another Image module to create thumnails (most likely Image::Magick).
      • I wasn't aware that there were restrictions on JPEG files, I was under the impression that all bmp, gif, and jpeg files would work properly. I've uploaded lots of images of those types and never had a problem, do you have an example or something I can use to figure out what you mean?
      • I like javascript and in this case, I'll sacrifice not everyone being able to view the script. I very much dislike the idea of opening an image in a new IE or NET window that's overcluttered with all the file menus and such and have that window a million times larger than it has to be. If there was another method to open windows without extra menus and to the size of the image itself, I'm very open to ideas. But for those who are terribly conerned for thier anti-javascript users, you can easily edit my script and remove all javascript codes and just make the image link open in a new window (target="new").

        "Age is nothing more than an inaccurate number bestowed upon us at birth as just another means for others to judge and classify us"


          image/pjpeg is the mime type of progressive encoded JPEGs. If you try to upload a JPEG that is saved using the standard encoding, it will give this error message "Wrong! This is not a supported file type."

          Save this image to your hard drive and try to upload it using your script.

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