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Portuguese Nodes Index

by monsieur_champs (Curate)
on Sep 09, 2003 at 19:25 UTC ( #290138=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This node is a placeholder for the actual Portuguese Nodes Index which appears immediately below.

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The initial compilation
by monsieur_champs (Curate) on Sep 10, 2003 at 18:59 UTC

    [en] Some time ago, St. Glock prophesied that I shall create a portuguese nodes index to the glory of the Monastery. And, some time after that, here I am, humbly continuing the task the gods give me: translate the most important parts of the Monastery to other language, so fellows from other countries also could learn and grow inside this Monastery. I hope you enjoy this index.

    [pt_BR] Algum tempo atrás, São Glock profetizou que eu criaria um índice de nós em português para a glória deste Monastério. Algum tempo depois, aqui estou eu, humildemente continuando a tarefa que os deuses me destinaram: traduzir as partes mais importantes da documentação do Monastério para outra língua, de forma que outros companheiros monges também possam aprender e crescer dentro deste Monastério. Eu espero que você aprecie este índice.

    [en] Posted below are some of the nodes that I've translated to portuguese. This could be useful for the portuguese-native monks that live with us.
    If you know about any pages that are translated to pt_BR and aren't listed here, please send me a message and I will add this new node here. Thank you very much.

    [pt_BR] Postada abaixo segue está uma compilação dos nós que eu traduzi do inglês para o português. Isto pode ser útil para os monges cuja língua nativa é o português que vivem conosco.
    Se você sabe de algum nó traduzido para o portguês que não está listado aqui, por favor me envie uma mensagem para que eu acrescente seu nó a este índice. Muito obrigado a todos.

    "In few words, translating PerlMonks documentation and best articles to other languages is like building a bridge to join other Perl communities into PerlMonks family. This makes the family bigger, the knowledge greather, the parties better and the life easier." -- monsieur_champs

      Now when I don't understand the perl I can compound the problem by looking it up in the Portugese section :)

      A saintly work indeed ...++

      Excelente Idéia !

      Gostei do "Home Node do Mago"

      Estou a inteira disposição para ajudar no que você precisar e se outro membro necessitar de alguma ajuda tambêm estarei por aqui !

      Continue com o belo trabalho que você está fazendo que um dia você se iluminará !!

      Abraços, do amigo;


      ++...even though I have no idea what you are saying ;-)

      but seriously, I think it is great that you are taking on the effort to make Perl Monks available to a wider only regret is I only have one vote to give

      I was wondering what is the actual reason for the translations.

      Is it really necessary to translate nodes to a certain language? then what about other languages? is it expected to see nodes now that are portugese, french, german, hindu, arabic, hibru, spanish... etc.

      Please note that I appreciate your work, but I'm wondering why this should be done. Is there a plan to translate the monastery to other languages around? or is there something so special about portugese?

      He who asks will be a fool for five minutes, but he who doesn't ask will remain a fool for life.

      Chady |

        Some more information on this topic can be found in the thread "Non-English posts on Perlmonks". I'm a little surprised you missed the discussion--It was very heated ;)

        The idea, as far as I'm concerned, is to increase knowledge about Perl. Most people find it easier to learn in their own language. The reason Portuguese is being indexed here is because the Portuguese-speakers at the Monastery are active in this regard. If you would like to translate something, then I personally would encourage you to do so.

        I hope that answers your questions.


        Dear Chady

        Thank you very much for writing and ask. Also thank you for appreciating my work. This makes me happy.

        The actual reason for publishing translations for the best articles and documentation in the PerlMonks Monastery is to provide access to PerlMonks for our less english-skilled fellows in Perl. Just because they choosed another language (french or deutch, maybe?) it doesn't means that they can't read and participate on PerlMonks. They can even have their best articles translated to english, so the rest of the community could learn something from them too.

        In few words, translating PerlMonks documentation and best articles to other languages is like building a bridge to join other Perl communities into PerlMonks family. This makes the family bigger, the knowledge greather, the parties better and the life easier.


      Estou a apprender o portuges pela capoeira e agora posso apprender geek portuges. Com ingles tambem. Otimo

      Muito obrigado

Portuguese PerlMonks FAQ (Sobre o PM)
by monsieur_champs (Curate) on Sep 12, 2003 at 13:45 UTC
Portuguese PerlMonks FAQ (Iniciando)
by monsieur_champs (Curate) on Sep 12, 2003 at 13:49 UTC
Portguese Home Nodes
by monsieur_champs (Curate) on Sep 12, 2003 at 13:51 UTC

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