in reply to Eulogy for the chatterbox

Maybe what we need is lockouts for the chatter box. This way monks of a sufficiently high level could recind lower level monks access to the chatter box. Yes, I know that there wouldn't be much stopping people from registering as a new monk, just to cause problems. However, it would give them the extra few minutes it takes to reregister/login to cool off a bit. If it gets really bad, maybe pontiffs and up can enable/disable the chatter box entirely. If someone really wants to code it you should be able to recind chatterbox access for any amount of time, or to make it simple just for an hour at a time.

Personally, I'm not a chatter, more of a lurker, but I also see the benefit of having the box. However if people aren't going to play nice, maybe the chatter box needs to go away for a little bit every now and then.