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RE: (4) Reputation Viewing Option? (phantom PM ID)

by ybiC (Prior)
on Aug 30, 2000 at 20:52 UTC ( #30337=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: RE: (2) Reputation Viewing Option?
in thread Reputation Viewing Option?

I'll grant that it's a bit of a stretch, but...

if the hypothetical Monk Gone BadTM created dummy monk id's and used their neutral votes to discover reps of victim's posts, the Monk Gone BadTM could then apply his/her real votes to selectively -- nodes.

This isn't something I've thought through or analyzed, so if there are holes in the logic, feel free to bring them to light.   On the other hand, I hesitate to publicly discuss such stuff, to avoid giving anyone bad ideas.

Update : a number of fine Monks have pointed out why this is highly unlikely, and I have no reason to doubt them.   Not the first ybiC-brain-hiccup, certainly not the last.   ;^)

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RE: (5) Reputation Viewing Option? (phantom PM ID)
by nuance (Hermit) on Aug 30, 2000 at 21:03 UTC
    That's a lot of trouble to go to to -- somebody. I don't think what you're describing is likely to happen. Also if I really wanted to -- somebody, then I would create another users and -- them with both, why mess about with abstentions when the object is obviously to "take them down a peg or two"?


RE: RE: (4) Reputation Viewing Option? (phantom PM ID)
by Boogman (Scribe) on Aug 30, 2000 at 21:03 UTC
    Well the monk wouldn't be able to use this option until they had votes to give, so they'd have to get that dummy monk some experience first which would make that sort of thing harder. I think the main problem with dummy monks is that it allows for the user to vote -- on the same post more than once. I would think, if someone had evil intentions, this is what they would do instead. Making the neutral vote use up a vote as tye suggested would make the user have to build their dummy monk up pretty high before it became any use, although I personally think it would be better to have it not use up a vote.

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