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Re: Apache2 Frustrations

by !1 (Hermit)
on Nov 21, 2003 at 20:31 UTC ( #309042=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Apache2 Frustrations

There are a few things about mod_perl 2 that you should know. First and foremost: Apache::Request doesn't work with mod_perl 1.99 yet. You can directly use $r if you so wish. $r->hostname, $r->get_server_port, $r->uri, and $r->args can be very helpful if you wish to get the current URI. However, you'll need to add quite a bit of code to get the same functionality as either Apache::Request or CGI. You can use CGI as long as you use Apache::compat.

In all, I wouldn't suggest migrating to mod_perl 1.99 yet. The documentation is sparse and there are still a few bugs. Still checking out mod_perl 1.99_11 to see if some of my concerns are still there. I hope this helps you with your problem.

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Re: Re: Apache2 Frustrations
by dragonchild (Archbishop) on Nov 21, 2003 at 20:45 UTC
    This is a completely new web app, so would you recommend using modperl 1.x right now, then migrating to MP2 when it comes out?

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      modperl 1.x will be around for a long time. It makes a lot of sense to use that now and migrate to version 2 when the latter has stabilised :)

      Yes, I am telling you to wait for the time being and instead go with mod_perl 1.x. If you take a gander at the API documentation and run through some of the modules, you might notice that some of them are less than complete. I'm not saying that I dislike MP2 at this point. I'm saying that in order to get a feel for the entire API you either have to read an assload of source code or pay 99 cents a minute talking to the Psychic Friends Network getting yes/no/vaguely detailed answers to API questions (pricey, but definitely very entertaining...I never knew that APR::Table had a spirit that wishes for me to release it. No lies. Ask antirice). I'm certainly excited about MP2. I like the control that Apache 2.0 seems to offer. Unfortunately, it just isn't there yet. I have a couple of document servers running on our intranet with Apache 2 using a mod_perl handler to check for authentication and whatnot in an attempt to get a feel for the new way of doing everything (ok, not everything but things like args parsing in list context(ok, multi value didn't work) doesn't work the same and send_cgi_header is gone). I've already started to develop libraries (mostly by stealing chunks from that work outside of Apache::compat however it's mostly a side project. It'll have to wait until antirice and I finish with our HTML::Template extension modules.

Re: Re: Apache2 Frustrations
by cees (Curate) on Nov 22, 2003 at 00:55 UTC
    You can use CGI as long as you use Apache::compat.

    Are you sure about this? According to the porting docs you can use with mod_perl2 as long as you use version 2.93 or greater. is capable of taking the apache request object so it can deal with any mod_perl specific issues (like cleaning up globals) that need to be done. The more people that try it, the quicker it will be release quality.

    my $r = Apache->request; my $query = CGI->new($r);

    Note that to get access to the Apache->request object you may need to activate 'PerlOptions +GlobalRequest' in your apache config.

    Also, the Apache::Request module for mod_perl2 is coming along nicely. Although it is not quite ready for production, I don't think it will be much longer.

    - Cees

      The only issue of which I am aware that had me use Apache::compat deals with's header subroutine. Since it uses $r->send_cgi_header. According to the docs, send_cgi_header is not available under mod_perl2. Am I incorrect in my interpretation? If so, I am quite sorry. If not then I apologize for not mentioning it earlier.

        It may have been a problem before, as in the early versions of mod_perl2 there were a lot of missing functions, but send_cgi_header is there now.

        cees@tim:~$ perl -MApache2 -MModPerl::MethodLookup -e print_method sen +d_cgi_header To use method 'send_cgi_header' add: use Apache::Response ();

        So it is definately available now. However, I just checked through the source and can't find any place where it loads Apache::Response. So there is a possibility that is won't work without that. And a quick check shows that it doesn't get brought in by any other Apache2 modules that does load...

        tim:~# MOD_PERL=1 perl -MApache2 -MCGI -e '$,=$/;print sort keys %INC; +' APR/ APR/ Apache/ Apache/ Apache/ ...

        The reasons Apache::compat fixes the problem is because it automatically loads Apache::Response which makes cgi_send_header available again.

        So short of writing a bit of code that uses's header function under mod_perl2 and actually testing it, I guess you might be right... It might be best to ask this on the mod_perl list.

        Update: I wrote a quick script using the sample script at the top of the docs and ran it under mod_perl 1.99_11 successfully. So I guess we can let this worry to rest :)


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