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Re: Top goal for 2004

by tilly (Archbishop)
on Dec 31, 2003 at 23:15 UTC ( #318040=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Top goal for 2004

I voted "Other". Here is why:

  • Lose weight A couple of years ago I picked up The Hacker's Diet and a few months later had lost the 20 pounds that were bugging me and have kept them off since. I'd happily recommend it to any guys who want to lose some weight. (I am more hesitant to recommend it to women. John Walker fails to understand that women have significant monthly variations in water retention etc. What the books says will work for women as well, but not quite as smoothly.)
  • Get In Shape The exercise program in the above book did that as well. Of course I now need to maintain my exercise level, and I am hardly an athelete, but I've got no serious complaints either.
  • Money Related While I could always be happy with more money, my desires are relatively modest and currently are being satisfied. Those who always lust for more might wish to read this and reflect on the health benefits of learning to be satisfied with your life.
  • Get a Date My wife might object. ;-)
  • Become an Uber-Coder I'm not (some people's mistaking me for one notwithstanding), and another year won't make me into one so that is a silly goal to have. I do continue to learn though.
  • Win the Lottery What a horrible investment strategy. Basic financial planning is like a lottery that you are virtually guaranteed to win eventually...
  • Get a life I long ago figured out that what most people call a life I call boring, and vice versa. Satisfy yourself.
  • Get a (new)? job Luckily when I went looking last year, this guy put me in contact with that guy and I now have one I'm currently happy with. :-)
  • More Work See above.
  • Less Work See above.
  • Other That's gotta be it. Dunno what to pick though. Perhaps I'll learn something new. Now that I live in California, perhaps I should pick up Spanish. Or learn massage therapy. Choices, choices...
As a song put it once, The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time.. It is easier to learn to be satisfied with the life that you have than to get the life that will satisfy you. Particularly since by the time you have the things that you thought would satisfy you, you'll always have new things that you want.

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Re: Re: Top goal for 2004
by mpeppler (Vicar) on Jan 01, 2004 at 00:06 UTC
    I love your philosophy of life!


Re: Re: Top goal for 2004
by agentv (Friar) on Jan 04, 2004 at 19:50 UTC
    > Get a Date: My wife might object. ;-)

    ...or your wife might approve, if the date is with her.

    hang up that keyboard and live!

    ...All the world looks like -well- all the world, when your hammer is Perl.

Re: Re: Top goal for 2004
by Anonymous Monk on Jan 01, 2004 at 13:52 UTC
      Heh, never thought of that name coincidence.

      Nope, this John Walker is a programmer who founded a successful company back in the 80's and got rich. He therefore represents a much happier version of the American Dream. :-)

      ... Jack Daniel's ...

Re: Re: Top goal for 2004
by chanio (Priest) on Jan 04, 2004 at 21:40 UTC

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