[bliako]: Lady_Aleena: Hi
[Lady_Aleena]: Hello Corion, how are you?
[Lady_Aleena]: Hello bliako, and how are you?
[bliako]: I am fine. Ambient temp is 40C my CPU shows 46 though.
[Corion]: Lady_Aleena: Quite well, thanks! How are you?
[bliako]: and how are you? I seem to recall you saying "nobody will like me code?" a few hours ago?
[Lady_Aleena]: Corion and bliako, I am frustrated. I have been trying to rewrite some of my code to use more acceptable forms, but I am failing spectacularly.
[marto]: what would that be an issue?
[bliako]: s/me/my/
[Lady_Aleena]: bliako, most here don't. I write code that I can understand and maintain. Like yesterday, I was trying to rewrite two modules so that they use Text::CSV instead of my hand rolled code to parse separated values files, but I was failing at it.