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Hopefully I'm missing something obvious here.

I want to take my configuration file and turn it into a hashref. So I have this code:

my $config = { Config::General->new('my.conf')->getall() };

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that take the hash that getall() built and copy it into the anonymous hash I'm constructing? I suppose it's no big deal if it's a small file, but the point is I don't really need a copy.

FTM, doesn't this:

my %config = Config::General->new('my.conf')->getall();

(which is the recommended (by Config::General's doco) method of doing it) perform a useless copy as well? Or is the copy somehow optimized away? (Is that even possible?)

So my question is twofold:

1) Is there some way I can get around this in Perl? ANAICT, you can't actually take a reference to the return of a subroutine because it's a value, not a variable. But is there some way around that?

2) Failing that, is there some alternate way of using Config::General that I'm misisng? I tried giving new() both a -ConfigFile and a -ConfigHash, but that doesn't work.