Category: Utility scripts
Author/Contact Info Brent Dax <>

For a Web project using Embperl, I have to show a small, fixed set of pages with several different templates (base.epl scripts, essentially, although I used a different extension). I chose to do this by creating hard links between the content files in each directory. (or whatever you choose to call it) takes a source directory, a destination directory, and a list of files. It then runs link("sourcedir/filename", "destdir/filename") (or symlink) on each file. This allows me to do things like: crosslink template1 template2 index.epl bio.epl links.epl images/picture.jpg


use strict;
use warnings;

if(@ARGV < 3) {
    print <<"END";
Usage: $0 [options] srcdir destdir file1 [file2 [file3 [...]]]
    Hard links given files in destdir to originals in srcdir.
        -s    Use soft links
        -v    Verbose--list each file as it's linked

my %opts;

$opts{pop @ARGV}=1 while $ARGV[0] =~ /^-/;

my($srcdir, $destdir, @files)=@ARGV;

for(@files) {
    do_link("$srcdir/$_", "$destdir/$_") or die "Can't link $srcdir/$_
+ to $destdir/$_: $!";
    print "$srcdir/$_ -> $destdir/$_\n" if $opts{-v};

sub do_link {
    if($opts{-s}) {
        return symlink($_[0], $_[1]);
    else {
        return link($_[0], $_[1]);