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HI All

I have a html form which has two date fields - datefrom & dateto. I am using CGI::Application::ValidateRM to validate form to make sure that users have entered dates. This is working fine.

Problem is I am not able to force user to enter datefrom < dateto, which is important. I can get around this by using sql and then reload the page all over again but I want to avoid it. Using Date::Calc->Delta_Days I am able to calculate total no of days, either +tive or -tive. However I am not able to fit this into profile of the page. At the moment my check_rm profile read like this

my ($results,$err_page) = $self->check_rm('holidayRequest',{ required => ['holidayfrom','holidayto'], optional => ['usercomments'], filters => ['trim'], msgs=>{ any_errors => 'err__', prefix=>'err_', }, }); return $err_page if $err_page;

Thanks in advance for your help