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How does an IP address deter flaming? I don't know if it would really, considering how many people are still tied to dialup and dynamic IPs....
To be honest, I don't see any need for Anonymous Monks at all. A registered login can be just as anonymous -- you could probably track me down using my login, but you'd have to have a serious problem with one (or many) of my posts to go to all that trouble. (And if I'm that offensive, maybe someone SHOULD be able to track me down to tell me so in person)
On /., it's one thing to have ACs, who are protected because they might be DOJ employees or Microserfs. But who needs to hide behind a veil of anonymity here at Perl Monks? Only flamers and cowards, and the people who keep losing their passwords. I fully expect you privacy advocates to jump all over this. While I support anonymity in general on the Internet, I see no compelling reason to offer monks a disguise so they can flame at will.
I read the AC's response to reptile's first attempt at obfuscation, and found it completely unwarranted and quite mean-spirited. But of course, I had no way to vote it down.

It seems unbalanced, that people can log in and get XP for their knowledge, and then log out to be rude -- and not take the hit to their reputation. I greatly look forward to logging in tomorrow and seeing my XP take a dive. That's the way it works. The only way a community with a common interest in sharing and accumulating knowledge can work is when people stand behind their opinions (whether moderate or extreme).

Oh yes, I can think of many excellent reasons to disagree with me, but I'm not going to give anyone free ammunition :-)

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