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You're re-opening $out_pdf for every new input file, that may be one of the reasons. Try to open output pdf file just once before the while loop.

That certainly is a problem. However, according to the PDF::API2 docs for the update method, $out_pdf is removed from memory after the first iteration of the loop after writing out to the merged pdf.

$pdf->update() Saves a previously opened document. <...> $pdf->end() Remove the object structure from memory. PDF::API2 contains circul +ar references, so this call is necessary in long-running processes to + keep from running out of memory. This will be called automatically when you save or stringify a PDF +.

I get the following error when I modify the script to open $out_pdf before the loop:

Can't call method "new_obj" on an undefined value at C:/Perl64/site/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/PDF/ line 92.

The new, updated script follows:

#!/usr/bin/perl use 5.018; use PDF::API2; use strict; use warnings; my $path = "./pdfs/"; my $out_pdf_file = 'merged.pdf'; my $out_pdf = PDF::API2->new(-file => $out_pdf_file); opendir (my $DIR, $path) or die "Could not open $path:\n$!\n$^E"; chdir $path; while ( my $in_pdf_file = readdir $DIR ) { next if $in_pdf_file =~ /^\./; my $in_pdf = PDF::API2->open($in_pdf_file) or die "Error opening PDF + file [$in_pdf_file]:\n$!\n$^E"; foreach my $page ( 1 .. $in_pdf->pages() ) { $out_pdf->import_page($in_pdf, $page, 0); } $out_pdf->update(); } closedir $DIR;

Moving $out_pdf->update(); out of the loop fixes the undefined value error, but the script quickly exhausts all the memory on the computer.

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