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#! /usr/bin/perl -w # # david landgren 24-apr-2001 use strict; my %domain; my $total_size; foreach my $file( @ARGV ) { open F, $file or die "Cannot open $file for input: $!\n"; while( <F> ) { chomp; my( $size, $command ) = (split)[4,8]; if( my( $dom ) = ( $command =~ /^DIRECT\/(.*)/ )) { $total_size += $size; $domain{$dom}{SIZE} += $size; $domain{$dom}{HITS}++; } } close F; } my $count; my $cum_percent = 0; foreach my $d ( sort {$domain{$b}{SIZE} <=> $domain{$a}{SIZE}} keys %d +omain ) { ++$count; $cum_percent += (my $percent = $domain{$d}{SIZE}*100/$total_size); my $percent_rounded = sprintf '%0.3f%%', $percent; my $cum_percent_rounded = sprintf '%0.3f%%', $cum_percent; print "$count\t$domain{$d}{HITS}\t$domain{$d}{SIZE}\t$percent_roun +ded\t$cum_percent_ro unded\t$d\n"; } =head1 NAME topweb - Determine biggest targets of inbound HTTP traffic =head1 SYNOPSIS B<topweb> filespec [filespec...] =head1 DESCRIPTION Generate a snapshot of direct web traffic recorded by a Squid proxy. Scan the Squid access logs specified on the command line looking for D +IRECT connections Accumulate the number of hits and and bytes transferred for each FQDN. + Sort and print the results based on bytes transferred. The goal is to see how much re +al traffic is coming in due to cache misses. =head1 OUTPUT This program outputs a tab-delimited text file. The fields are as foll +ows =item * rank -- from 1 to n, the rank in terms of bytes transferred for the do +main. =item * hits -- the number of seperate transfers logged. =item * bytes -- the total number of bytes transferred from the above hits. =item * percent -- the percentage that this site represents in terms of the to +tal traffic. =item * cumulative percent -- the percentage that this site and all busier sit +es represent in terms of the total traffic. =item * fqdn -- the fully qualified domain name of the host, or numeric IP add +ress if the address does not resolve. Here is an a sample output, which indicates, among other things, that +the four most demanded sites in this data sample represent 10% of incoming traf +fic: 1 25226 106606531 2.877% 2.877% 2 15996 104380579 2.817% 5.693% 3 24842 97149410 2.621% 8.315% 4 16861 81954034 2.211% 10.526% =head1 EXAMPLES C</usr/local/bin/topweb /home/squid/logs/access.log* | head -25> C</usr/local/bin/topweb /home/squid/logs/access.log* E<gt>topweb.yyyym +mdd> =head1 SEE ALSO topwebdiff - A report tool to analyse the day to day changes of the ou +tput from topweb. =head1 COPYRIGHT Copyright (c) 2001 David Landgren. This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. =head1 AUTHOR David "grinder" Landgren grinder on perlmonks ( eval {join chr(64) => qw[landgren]} =cut

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