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Super module number 1!


the hell it don't count!

Ok ok, here are some more:

And the plug (and it really is a fav of mine): update - i ran a script that scanned all .pl and .cgi files to see which modules i use the most (using Perl to make up my mind ;)). So, using Juerd's rules this time:
  1. Data::Dumper (102)
  2. CGI (81)
  3. DBI (52)
  4. IO::File (31)
  5. Getopt::Std (24)
  6. CGI::Carp (24)
  7. LWP::Simple (22)
  8. HTTP::Request::Common (20)
  9. LWP (17)
  10. SOAP::Lite (15)
Per demerphq's request - here it is. If anybody feels like making an improvement or two, then ++'s for you. I do know that this code trudges through perldoc as well as code ... that needs to be fixed.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use File::Find; @ARGV = (); my %mod = (); # does this look familiar merlyn? :) find sub { push @ARGV, $File::Find::name if /\.pl\z/ or /\.cgi\z/; }, qw(/dirs /to/scan/here); while (<>) { $mod{$1}++ if /use\s+([A-Za-z_:]+);/; } # top 20 so i can filter out those that don't count :P print "Top Twenty:\n"; print map {"<li>[kobe://$_] ($mod{$_})\n"} (sort {$mod{$b} <=> $mod{$a +}} keys %mod)[0..19];

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in thread Favourite modules March 2002 by Juerd

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