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$text was undefined at one point at which it was used, in sub main.

I think this fixes it. Replace:

my $romaji = plaque("@romaji"); my $hiragana = plaque(hiragana($text));


my $text = "@romaji"; my $romaji = plaque($text); my $hiragana = plaque(hiragana($text));

Also, since you invited comments/criticisms, I would rewrite your "pick a few" section as:

my @romaji = map { splice @syllables, int(rand @syllables), 1 } 1..25;

Other useful resources: Unicode Code page for Hiragana which I used (and I assume you did, too), along with charnames to simplify your %Hiragana generation:

my %Hiragana; use charnames qw/hiragana/; sub get_hiragana { chr charnames::vianame("HIRAGANA LETTER ".uc(shift) +) } # the standards for my $initial ('', qw/k g s z t d n m h b p m r/) { for my $final (qw/a i u e o/) { my $syl = $initial.$final; $Hiragana{$syl} = get_hiragana($syl); } } # columns with missing entries (yi, ye, wu) $Hiragana{$_} = get_hiragana($_) for qw/ya yu yo wa wi we wo n/; # small letters $Hiragana{"($_)"} = get_hiragana("small $_") for qw/a i u e o ya yu yo +/; # special cases { my @special = (qw/tsu tu shi si chi ti fu hu/, map(('j'.$_ => 'z'.$_), qw/a i u e o/), '(tsu)', 'small tu'); while (my ($syl, $uni) = splice @special, 0, 2) { $Hiragana{$syl} = get_hiragana($uni); } } delete $Hiragana{$_} for qw/tu si ti/; # delete Unicode-y names for ts +u, shi, and chi

Very cool use of Perl. Brings me back to my Nihongo days...

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in thread Practice your Hiragana with Image::Magick by halley

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