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Yay, another "Gee, I think X should be better. I have no idea how, but I'm sure someone can make it better!" post. While this may be a tad harsh, there are literally hundreds of posts very similar to yours, suggesting vague improvements to the site. And of course, none of thise improvements are ever implemented, because they're too vague for one of the holy people who have the actual access to the source code to implement, as they're too busy creating their own personal features to try to design something based on this vague suggestion.

In other words, if you want something to change, PUT SOME WORK IN TO IT. Create a detailed specification of exactly what you want to change, how you would change it, and why it would be an improvement. If it's actually a good idea, I'm sure it'll then get implemented. But just throwing out vague ideas never really helps.

In reply to Re: Q&A area should look more like the tutorial area by BUU
in thread Q&A area should look more like the tutorial area by 5mi11er

Use:  <p> text here (a paragraph) </p>
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